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Importing goods wholesale/retail business

This is a photo of me on the left and the lady on the right is the person in charge of the overseas manufacturer in China.
We accept orders from general distributors in Japan at any time.

 Aiming to be a bridge for overseas manufacturers to expand into Japan, we are now an official import and sales agent for dozens of overseas manufacturers. In order for the Japanese customers' purchase to be complete, we create the Japanese manual for the product ourselves and we provide after-sales support for them.

 We have over a thousand positive ratings both on our Amazon store and other online platforms. The satisfaction rate is 99%. (As of July 2, 2020)


 Due to our long-standing trust, we have been able to sell our products by offering products exclusively for sale in Japan from multiple manufacturers. We are particularly good at operating online shops, and we sell to many sales channels such as Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo!, au PAY market, and our own e-commerce store.

 Our company is equipped with bilingual staff who have experience in trading and who can speak in three or more languages. We have a track record of solving the concerns of many overseas manufacturers who are unsure about their first entry into Japan. We are also actively selling B to B, and we will change the sales channel according to the manufacturer's wishes such as exhibition sales, corporate sales etc.

Amazon product page creation

* An example of our product page

 We are the best at Amazon marketing among all internet platforms. We are a professional Amazon marketing team. We make product pages that sell on Amazon. This includes writing, promoting, consulting etc. 

 For manufacturer products, we will create an optimal product page according to the branding that the manufacturer desires. For original products, we will carefully listen in advance to the world view of the brand launched by the client and the image of the target customer, and create a page.

 When the page is completed, we will use the sales know-how we have cultivated in-house to provide advice on further sales improvement. We will give various tips such as product selection support for new pages, review of existing pages and pages that are experiencing declining Amazon sales.

Amazon Consulting

 We also offer Amazon sales support consulting services.

Please contact us should you have any more questions on how to increase your Amazon sales.

We can provide you with the following services:

 1. Submit an analysis report of the existing product page (We will report numbers to visualize your problems and propose optimal solutions)

 2. Marketing Plan presentation

We will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your marketing strategy and show you how to improve it.

 3. Monthly online Zoom interview (We will talk on Zoom and listen carefully to your worries and problems.)


We regularly hold seminars on the theme of human resource development and Amazon marketing. For several years, the head of the company has taught hundreds of students at seminars sponsored by management teachers. We also won the Best Supporter Award.

 The contents of the seminar that I am good at are the experiences of human resource development, the future of Amazon marketing, Practical Amazon sales know-how from psychology, and specific research methods for selling products that make full use of overseas tools and so on.

 We will rearrange the contents according to the client's request.

OEM import/sales

 With our abundant know-how and reliable quality control, we are able to answer any questions that the customer might have. For example, when we prepare toys as gifts and novelty goods at events, we can manufacture them and at the same time keep the customer's wishes and brand in mind.

 Our company has connections with many factories in China that are capable of OEM production. The materials can also be manufactured according to the customer's needs. If you are interested in this, please contact us by filling in and sending us the inquiry form.

Crowdfunding support project

 Crowdfunding is gaining popularity in Japan, and this is good for releasing new products. In the past, we have been providing support and consultancy to our clients for crowdfunding. Successful crowdfunding requires a high level of marketing knowledge in pages, videos, writing, promotions and genres. 

 In addition to utilizing our own resources, we have outsourcing contracts with multiple professionals outside the company, so we will make full use of all our resources and make sure that the crowdfunding is successful.

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