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★ [No. 1 electromagnetic wave measuring device in the world's penetration rate] Trifield meters sold all over the world have been upgraded! One unit can measure three types of radio waves existing in the living environment (magnetic field, electric field, high frequency/microwave) in two modes, standard and weighted. Of course, it is a 50Hz (East Japan) / 60Hz (West Japan) area nationwide common model.
★ [Set product] 9V battery for test + cloth with logo is attached. You can use it immediately after arrival.
★ [Receive from low frequency to high frequency] You can easily switch modes by turning the dial. In addition, the high-frequency/microwave display resolution (minimum measurable unit) is greatly improved, and weak radio waves such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi can be captured. A single TF2 makes it easy to measure a wide range of frequencies from low to high frequencies.
★ [Easier identification of electromagnetic wave generation source] In addition to easy-to-understand digital notation, a sound function that notifies you according to the numerical value is posted. In addition, the peak value holding function allows you to easily understand the electromagnetic environment at home or at work.

日本正規代理店 Trifield Meter 電磁波測定器 TF2 50Hz/60Hz共用 [セット品]

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