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Message from the founder of our company

“Some things generate happiness,

Some things alter lives

This is our mission."


Your Treasure LLC is a Japanese trading company.

Selecting goods from all over the world and selling them online.

We are helping overseas manufacturers to come to Japan.

*Our company is happy to support your  journey to Japan.


The head of our company, Yasue 

started selling on Amazon in April 2015

and Treasure Rocket was created.


And, on his 39th birthday of March 9, 2018

We have become a corporation, Your Treasure LLC.


I worked for the recycling shop "Kaitori Okoku" for about 10 years.

As a clothing buyer, store manager, area manager...

My job position has changed all the time, but I also bought products from customers

I liked being a buyer, and at the same time I was also the manager.

I never wanted to stop being a buyer,

because I love discovering new things

and communicating with customers on a daily basis.

I still remember a client selling me these old railroad models.



I looked up the products

and I found that they were worth over 1 million yen...

This being a very good price I couldn't wait to tell her the price.


When I told her the price, her eyes were closed

and she looked sad.

I asked her why she wanted to sell them, and she replied.

The collection was her dead husband's collection

and these models were his life.
It reminded her of her husband and it made her sad.
It seems that she wanted to dispose of it as soon as possible.


When I lined up the purchased items at the store,

they were so popular at the store.

Some customers, even from overseas, 

came to see these models from time to time.
Because these items from decades ago are quite rare on the market.

Upon seeing the models most people showcased a childlike excitement
and could not stop looking at them.


A regular customer of mine told me:

"Yasue-kun is awesome! They are all museum-class!"

And then he bought most of them.

After a while, the woman who sold me the models

 came to visit our store with her grandson.

So I thanked her for selling these models,
I told her that the customer who bought it was really happy with them.

This was just a brief moment in my life,

but I will never forget that moment.

She closed her eyes quietly,

her shoulders started shaking and she started crying.
She shook hands with me and said, 

"The things my husband loved are still making someone happy today."

This experience is an event that changed the way how I face things.



Sometimes small things have a great impact on a person's life,
Sometimes small things can make people really happy.



Until then,
I thought it was my job to sell what I bought.

It was just a series of customer interactions,
but I was moved by this episode.

I noticed that I exchanged my mind with customers through things


From now on, not just selling things,
I want to sell with my heart.


I was so determined.
I have become more encouraged in my daily work.

The sales of my shop were growing fast.
Store sales were 150% of the previous month.


During my tenure,

I received the award for best manager.
I was also appointed as the area leader for the Osaka area,
Thanks to everyone involved, we achieved great things.

Even after I left the company,

I still keep the same attitude towards selling.

About three years ago,
in order to sort out the belongings of my deceased grandmother,
I entered a warehouse that had not been opened for decades.

There I found writings of my grandfather.


"Do not be ashamed of your conscience,
That is the only driving force that surpasses the rough seas."



My grandfather was a great figure of the Showa era,

he worked as Deputy President at Tokai Bank,

the predecessor of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank.

Although the times were different,

the attitude of being conscious about things is the same.
He seemed to teach me the nature of commerce.

This writing is the lesson of Your Treasure LLC
I hung it on the wall with great care

in order for it to be a reminder for me every day.


Things enrich people's hearts,
Objects add color to life,


We find the best things from all over the world
and take great care of them with our heart.


Toshiaki Yasue, Your Treasure LLC

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